As a leading energy management services firm at the heart of Canada’s largest economy, Stoneridge Energy Management has the relationships, the market coverage, the insight and ideas to help you maximize your opportunities. Our energy professionals in Ontario deliver Canadian access and expertise when and where you need it.

It’s easier to look ahead when you’re surrounded by forward thinking

You’ll also stand to benefit by the following:

Focus is critical. Energy procurement (natural gas and electricity) is our only service so we’re not distracted by other periphery products or services. We provide our solutions to a wide variety of private and public sectors (click here to see a detailed list) from small-to-mid-size companies to large corporations.

Expertise matters. All of our account managers have attained their Derivatives Market Specialist (DMS) designation from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). Furthermore, we provide strong advice and recommendations backed up with greater insight, information, and market-leading research reports. Click here for more information

While others are still making sense of today’s energy picture, we’re busy anticipating tomorrow’s. With Stoneridge, you’ll have access to a full spectrum of strategies and solutions, uniquely tailored to your risk management and financial needs. And you’ll benefit from the personal attention and fresh perspectives of an entire team of energy experts. We’ll explain everything clearly and in a way anyone can understand. It’s just that simple.

Out-thinking the competition is useless unless you can out-execute them as well. That’s why we’re connected (e-mail, phone, fax) and available 24/7 with guaranteed same-day response.  When the markets move, they don’t send out an invitation. Don’t get left in the dust – join the crowd that’s switching to Stoneridge. You won’t regret it. See how easy it is here.

The cost savings and operational efficiencies of operating a virtual office are passed along to you without compromising service or results. Furthermore, with the exception of a few signatures, making the transition from your current energy provider requires little time or effort on your part.

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