Commodity Management – Natural Gas

At Stoneridge Energy Management, we take the time to understand your business – from your day-to-day operations to your long-term vision andgoals. Whether you’re a small-to-mid-sized company or a large corporation, we will develop a unique natural gas risk management strategy that will help you keep pace with changing business priorities and market conditions.

Your employees will have a single point of coordination who provides comprehensive energy strategies from a selection of qualified gas suppliers, overseeing the on-going maintenance of the hedging program, to taking care of the financial administration. 

Our areas of expertise:

  • risk management strategies (rolling 1-5 year plans)
  • alternative purchasing solutions (fixed price, price caps, costless collars, etc)
  • burner-tip cost analysis & budgeting
  • utility rate optimization and management
  • transportation & commodity cost optimization
  • meter data collection and monthly load-profile reports
  • market forecasts and research reports
  • supplier and utility bill verification
  • volume balancing

In today’s changing energy landscape, choose Stoneridge to ensure success every step of the way. We have clear advantages.

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